Ace: Game plan what’s next.

We are helping teens take an active role in building their future

Ace guides teens to game plan what’s next with experiences that help them stand out on a resume or application, and helps them stand prepared for whatever path they choose next. 

Through a series of four hands-on projects, participants are guided to explore who they are and what paths could be possible, create goals and an action plan, and build real-world assets to kickstart their next step. Ace participants begin with many questions and uncertainties and leave with confidence, greater perspective and vision for their next step. 

In this program, participants will: 

  • Integrate their knowledge & skills into planning for their future 
  • Invest in their community 
  • Explore who they are and where they want to go next 
  • Investigate future paths (education & career) 
  • Craft their goals & create a game-plan 
  • Build kickstart assets for their next step

Learn how to get involved in the Ace program by contacting your local Chapter. 

Grace Kehoe, First Tee – Greater Charlotte

My favorite component of the Ace program involved the in-depth reflection on how I was able to apply the life skills I had learned throughout First Tee programming. Gauging the effectiveness of my interpersonal skills, self-management skills, and goal-setting skills, was the most eye-opening and challenging of the Ace Program components. It gave me the opportunity to assess my strengths and weaknesses. As I completed my projects, I was able to evaluate how I could improve and ultimately become a better version of myself in the future.”  

Matthew Lewallen, First Tee – Greater Dallas

“I am immensely grateful for the Ace program for improving my golf game and, more importantly, enriching my life with enduring friendships that continue to be a source of joy, support, and personal growth. The experience of positively impacting our communities through the skills and values instilled by the First Tee program was eye-opening. It made us appreciate the depth of our commitment and the significance of giving back.”

Michelle Xie, First Tee – Silicon Valley

“Taking the time during the Ace program to not only define my specific goals, but also define the steps to achieve those goals made everything feel so much more attainable and under my control.  Since First Tee, I have graduated from Harvard, where I also played on their women’s golf team. I’m currently a software engineer, and in a full-circle moment, I use most of the same structure I learned in Ace to create and define my goals at work, which I review with my manager every other quarter. ”