LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program at First Tee — Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky is a great way to introduce girls to the game of golf in a fun atmosphere surrounded by new friends! Our goal is to empower the girls to be confident, have positive self-esteem and live active and healthy lives, while learning or perfecting a game they can play for a long time. Our Girls Golf Coach Team includes female mentors who guide the girls through fun activities designed to enhance their golf and leadership skills.

Along with our core First Tee lessons, Girls Golf participants will gain a deeper understanding of The Five E’s of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf: Enrich, Energize, Empower, Engage and Exercise.

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf at the LPGA Queen City Championship

Our LPGA*Girls Golf program had the opportunity to attend a Girls Golf clinic at the 2022 LPGA Kroger Queen City Championship presented by P&G. It was an amazing afternoon!

2024 LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Schedule

Registration Opens on February 12th at 9:00 AM

Classes meet once a month from March 26-October 17.

Our schedule below shows a North Series and a South Series. Classes will meet roughly once a month and each month will have a fun theme for the activities of the day. We will provide more information about those days as we get closer to those dates but are excited for “Bring a Friend” day for kids who have a friend who might be interested in golf and also a “Family Day” where each girl can bring an adult family member to class.

Our LPGA*USGA Girls Golf classes are open to girls, ages 7-13 at all skill levels and is designed to take alongside our regular First Tee classes. As with all of our classes, golf clubs and equipment are provided. Scholarships are available! Girls who are active participants of First Tee and 14 and older are encouraged to become eLeaders and participate in First Tee’s teen programs. See below for more details!

South Girls Ages 7-9 Golf Series Schedule | $75

ReevesThursday, March 285-6 pm
ReevesFriday, April 265-6 pmBring a Friend Day
ReevesThursday, May 165-6 pm
ReevesThursday, June 135-7:00 pmPlay Day
ReevesThursday, August 15-6 pm
ReevesThursday, August 225-6 pm
TBDSeptemberTBDLPGA Queen City Championship
ReevesThursday, October 174:30-6:30Caddie Playday

South Girls Ages 10-13 Golf Series Schedule | $80

ReevesThursday, March 286:15-7:30 pm
ReevesFriday, April 266:15-7:30 pmBring a Friend Day
ReevesThursday, May 166:15-7:30 pm
ReevesThursday, June 135-7:00 pmPlay Day
ReevesThursday, August 16:15-7:30 pm
ReevesThursday, August 226:15 – 7:30 pm
TBDSeptemberTBDLPGA Queen City Championship
ReevesThursday, October 174:30-6:30Caddie Playday

North Girls Ages 7-13 Golf Series Schedule | $80

Miles of GolfTuesday, March 265-6:15 pm
Miles of GolfThursday, April 255-6:15 pm
Armco ParkThursday, May 165-6:15 pmBring a Friend Day
Miles of GolfTuesday, June 115-6:30Putt-Putt Family Day
Armco ParkTuesday, July 235-6:15 pm
Miles of GolfTuesday, August 135-6:15 pm
TBDSeptemberTBDLPGA Queen City Championship
Armco ParkTuesday, October 154:30-6:30Caddie Playday

*NEW* Sunday Fun Days

We are excited to introduce a new series, Sunday Fun Days, to our Girls Golf program in 2024. Sunday Fun Days are dedicated playdays during the year. There is no additional charge to play, and they are open for ALL Girls Golf participants. Parents and siblings are also welcome to play alongside. We will have more information on registration and location as we get closer to the events.

ReevesSunday, April 141-3:00 pm
ReevesSunday, June 30th1-3:00 pm
ReevesSunday, August 18th1-3:00pm

Calling 14+ Teen Girls: Become an eLeader

Registration Opens February 12th!

We encourage our teenage girls to participate in LPGA*USGA Girls Golf classes by focusing on mentoring and leadership skills as eLeaders. Teens will help with the Girls Golf classes at Reeves GC or the North Girls Golf classes at Armco Park and Miles of Golf as coaches and scorekeepers/caddies on Play Days. Teens also have the option of volunteering with any other 7-9 or 10-11 year old First Tee class throughout the year for more hours. What a fun way to give back to the chapter, learn leadership skills and gain service hours. There is no cost as this is an opportunity to grow in leadership through volunteering.

Girls Golf eLeader Schedule

  • Teens can register to be an eLeader in the North which would follow the above North Girls Ages 7-13 Golf Series Schedule or the South that would follow the above South Girls Ages 7-9 Golf Series Schedule.

Steps and Requirements to become an eLeader:

  • Be an active First Tee Participant (currently enrolled or plan to enroll in First Tee classes during spring, summer or fall session)
  • Age 14 or older
  • Sign up in the registration portal like all other First Tee classes for either North eLeader or South eLeader. Free to sign up!
  • Sign up with LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Official site. This is also FREE and instructions on how to sign up are below. To be an official eLeader with all of the perks, you must register both at First Tee and LPGA*USGA.

Qs? Email [email protected]

  • Volunteer 20 hours by the end of the year which would include assisting with coaching the 7-9 year old Girls Golf class at Reeves or the Girls Golf Series class at Armco Park/Miles of Golf, or any First Tee class for ages 7-9 or 10-11, and/or miscellaneous tasks at the First Tee office.
  • Teens should be available to attend classes at least 30 minutes ahead of time to assist the head coach with set up and receive instruction for the class. Teens will stay rougly 15 minutes after class to help with clean up or the set up for the next class.
  • Teens are responsible for looking over lesson plans, provided by head coach via email, prior to class.
  • Teens must be a registered member of the official LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program. Details on how to sign up below.
eLeader Program Benefits
  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Volunteer hours
  • Opportunities for your daughter to attend National Girls Golf events at no cost to you!
  • Special Shirts designating you as an LPGA USGA Girls Golf eLeader
  • Mentoring with other women in the sport for informative educational sessions or a round of golf.
  • College recommendation letter from the site director or coach as requested at the completion of the program.
  • Additional Golf training with First Tee staff

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Membership*

*It’s FREE to sign up for official membership in LPGA*USGA Girls Golf and a requirement to attend our Series or to become an eLeader!

Once you’re a registered member of  LPGA*USGA Girls Golf for the calendar year, you’re eligible to participate in our Chapter Girls Golf classes and events, and you can get other great perks, too! LPGA*USGA Girls Golf members receive official Girls Golf membership gifts (including fun logo’d golf merchandise and accessories), and are granted free entry to LPGA Tour, Symetra Tour, and USGA Championships.

How to Sign Up

Register for your free calendar-year 2024 LPGA Girls Golf Membership through the LPGA Girls Golf mobile app on your smartphone. Be sure to select “Girls Golf at First Tee of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky” AND make it your “Home” Girls Golf Site (the little “house” next to our name will then turn pink) — that’s the only way to be an official LPGA Girls Golf Member at our location. LPGA encourages the use of the LPGA Girls Golf mobile app. LPGA Girls Golf membership runs for a calendar year and must be renewed annually.